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A gallery going through the tender rock of Cappadocia, in Turkey

A gallery going through the tender rock of Cappadocia, in Turkey.

I’m very glad to welcome you on my website, which aims to bring a few personal anecdotes, as well as to expose my professional skills.

In a word, I am a passionate person. Passionate of what? Of everything. Passionate of parkour, of stunts, of sciences, of writing, of travels, of God, and if only days lasted more than 42 hours I would just as well feel passionate about musics, litterature and of painting. One term underlies all those fields, I’m actually passionate about discovery. Considering the revolution speed of our earth around the sun, I’m restricting myself to the three domains that you’ll find under the following tabs: Parkour and performances, writings, and research.

You can follow me on FacebookTwitter, Instagram, Youtube and LinkedIn. As well, you can contact me by phone at this number: +33619860657 ou by email here contact@david-pagnon.com.

Of course, I’m not against any job offer, either for a Performance (photo, video, live performance, stunt), for a regular Work (engineering or research), or publication of my texts.


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